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Signs of Angels

How do you know when your Angels are near?  There are a few ways in which you can sense when your Angel or Guide is around you.

Sometimes colour rays may appear in your home.  Have you ever asked your Angel a question and wondered if they heard, and then as you walk down the street a feather floats by and lands at your feet?  Your Angels were listening!  Maybe out of the corner of your eye you see a beautiful coloured light?  This is an Angel’s presence, and they come on many coloured rays, just to let you know they are right beside you.

The Angels are beings of light and work with your divine purpose.  They want your life to be the very best that it can be.  You are truly unique and they understand you totally.  Everything they assist you with is for your Highest Divine Good and for the Highest Divine good of all.  How truly blessed are we to have been gifted this way?

So, just a reminder.................

Finding a tiny white feather: The Angels are letting you know all is well, also, it’s an answer if you’ve asked for help.

A beautiful fragrance: A sudden fragrance which comes and goes. It’s not your perfume or body spray, it’s your Guardian Angel approving of whatever you are doing, or sometimes you may be thinking about how to solve a problem and this beautiful perfume wafts across your face.

Beautiful shafts of light or colours: When these colours appear very sudden, you turn around and maybe the colour lilac just appears.  It’s your Guardian Angels just showing themselves momentarily to let you know youe are not alone, you are loved. That they are listening and trying to guide you on the right path.

Tingling sensations on the crown of the head: This is lovely, it’s just like someone brushing their hand over the top of your hair. It’s your energy reaching out to the Angelic realms and their love just letting you know – “I’m here”!

A feeling of unconditional love: When you invoke your Angels for assistance or think about them with love, they respond and a feeling of warmth can be felt across your back. Together you will experience many or all of these sensations. Their love can make the sun come out in your heart.

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