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Aurora Colour Magnetic Crystal Sound Healing

Aurora Therapies is a combination of four complementary therapies ? Colour, Magnets, Crystals and Sound.  Aurora Therapies' beautifully hand-decorated coloured bottles are very special.  Each bottle/card facilitates colour readings on many levels of consciousness including readings on a cellular level.  In a reading you will be asked to select a minimum of four coloured combination bottles/cards from a wide selection. The colours that are chosen by the individual can represent a mirror of the person's life physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and also on a cellular level of consciousness covering past, present and even future aspects.

What Is Aurora Magnetic Crystal Sound Healing?

The name Aurora comes from both Roman mythology (where Aurora was the name given to the goddess of the dawn) and also from the words aurora borealis/australis i.e. the luminous electrical radiation from the northern and southern magnetic poles.  They are often called the aurora northern or southern lights because they can be seen from either hemisphere as a beautiful aura of light that creates many different colours.

Aurora Magnetic Crystal Sound Healing is a combination of four alternative therapies - Colour, Magnets, Crystals and Sound.  The individual alternative therapies can be dated back to the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese who used coloured essential oils for therapeutic massage and healing.  Crystals and sound were used widely and it is thought that Cleopatra wore magnets and crystals to keep her healthy and youthful.

What can Aurora Therapies do for You?

Aurora Magnetic Crystal Sound Healing is a natural, non-intrusive way of recharging your whole being.  Aurora can help you to alleviate stress, which is the main link to all imbalance or illness.  Aurora can help you to: gain relief from aches and pains, help you to sleep more deeply, build up your immune system, stimulate the circulation, expel toxins and improve the body's energy and strength.

What can I expect during an Aurora Healing Session?

The Aurora healing technique is very powerful and it is these healing frequencies of Colour, Crystals, Magnets and Sound that resonate with the same frequencies as those of the chakras. The chakras are energy centres that feed and protect the physical body.  They vibrate at different frequencies in order to maintain and balance good health within the major organs.

Anything that impedes the progress of the self leaves its mark and thus creates a sick aura.  It is this that is nearly always the root cause of sickness on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level of consciousness.  In an Aurora healing session the client chooses whether they wish to have colour, magnets, crystals or sound therapy.  All four therapies can be used at once if the client chooses.  In the case of all four therapies being used at once, the client lies down (fully clothed) on a magnetic couch.  The therapist will then place magnetic healing discs onto the client?s chakra areas or wherever they intuitively feel.  Crystals are then placed onto the magnetic discs and the sound frequency of the Aurora tuning forks are played into the chakras.   Each chakra is fed with a sound frequency that is suited to the chakra or area concerned.  Colour is used by the therapist using Aurora Coloured Chakra and/or Angels sprays. 

Please note:  It is advised that Aurora is an alternative therapy therefore no person should cease taking any medical treatments without first consulting their doctor.

The cost for an Aurora Healing session is:  £25.00.

The cost for an Aurora Colour Bottle reading is: £25.00

What is An Aurora Colour Reading?

Aurora Therapies have beautifully hand decorated coloured bottles that are used for the readings.  Each bottle has relevant coloured crystals attached around the neck and is also unique in other ways, such as, each one carries its own name and message and the message is often linked to the person who is drawn to it.  In a reading, you will be asked to select a minimum of 4 coloured bottles from a wide selection. You will be drawn to the colours you are and the colours you need.  The first bottle that you are drawn to is linked to your chosen mission or soul purpose in this lifetime.  The second bottle that you are drawn to is linked to your past and childhood.  The third bottle that you are drawn to is linked to the energies around you at the present time.  The fourth bottle that you are drawn to is linked to energies coming towards you from the future. 

All of the bottles show aspects linked to karma and life's lessons and how many of the masters and angels will be guiding and protecting you throughout your life's journey.  They also show your positive aspects and gifts that are often hidden; if you have been holding onto any past difficulties and can often indicate what those difficulties might be.

Please note:  an Aurora Therapies Practitioner or Teacher can only act as a guide because this kind of alternative therapy is meant to be non-intrusive.  You choose the colours that you are and also the colours that you need.

The cost for an Aurora Healing session is:  £25.00.

If you would like an Aurora treatment or maybe just an Aurora Colour Reading then please contact me on: to make a booking

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