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What is An Aurora Colour Bottle Reading?

Aurora Therapies have beautifully hand decorated coloured bottles that are used for the readings. Each bottle has relevant coloured crystals attached around the neck and is also unique in other ways, such as, each one carries its own name and message and the message is often linked to the person who is drawn to it. In a reading, you will be asked to select a minimum of 4 coloured bottles from a wide selection. You will be drawn to the colours you are and the colours you need. The first bottle that you are drawn to is linked to your chosen mission or soul purpose in this lifetime. The second bottle that you are drawn to is linked to your past and childhood. The third bottle that you are drawn to is linked to the energies around you at the present time. The fourth bottle that you are drawn to is linked to energies coming towards you from the future.


All of the bottles show aspects linked to karma and life's lessons and how many of the masters and angels will be guiding and protecting you throughout your life's journey. They also show your positive aspects and gifts that are often hidden; if you have been holding onto any past difficulties and can often indicate what those difficulties might be.


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