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Citizens of the World

Posted by angelsofjoy on June 1, 2008 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (66)

We are all citizens of the world – not just of our own country, but of every country, every living being, every living thing.


We know whatever happens somewhere, that it has a knock on effect. We will feel the anger, the hatred, the fear, the poverty, the desperation, the hopelessness, the anxiety and the sadness of our brothers and sisters.


We are citizens of the world – this world. The Angels treat every soul with the same compassion, the same love. Some of us are more able to communicate with our Angels, empower the Angels to assist another country or person and ask for the highest divine good of all.


Sit back and watch miracles happen. Small, tender miracles and sometimes very powerful ones. Many lightworkers all over the world had asked for aid for the distressed people in India in 2005. They asked the Angels to empower the doctors and nurses and others to have divine assistance by their side. Many felt unseen hands helping them and gut feelings where to ‘look’ for people hidden under the rubble. Some brought out after four days, others pulled out after 12 days, alive, unhurt.


This last one was a young girl, alive after 12 days under a huge collapsed building. Everyone thought no-one could possibly be alive through all the tremors and carnage. The Angels guided those who will listen and look towards this brave little girl. A gentle, beautiful child, who I know had an angel with her through those twelve days.


In 1995 a devastating earthquake struck Mexico City, killing several thousands of souls and caused terrible damage. Those who survived dug into the rubble with their bare hands to rescue as many as possible that were trapped beneath the masonry. Among those who were digging was a man called Marcos. His nickname was ‘The Flea’ because he was so small – less than 5ft high. All his life his small stature had plagued him and ruined his life. This catastrophe was to empower this man.


Marcos was able to crawl through small openings in the surface and crawl into cavities in the rubble to rescue people. Marcos helped rescue 27 people, but his nickname ‘The Flea’ which was always hurtful to him, now became a blessing to so many and saved lives. Maybe Marcos had to endure his size and life – just for that moment. Marcos is now revered and respected by his countryman, his lack of height and stature now recognized as a great gift.


Everyone on this earth is a blessing to someone, never forget that.

Namasté x



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